6.1 Scientific publications

Type of scientific publicationTitle of the scientific publicationDOIISSN or eSSNAuthorsLeading partnerTitle of the journal or equivalentNumber, datePublisherPlace of publicationYear of publicationRelevant pagesPublic & private publicationPeer reviewIs/Will open access provided to this publicationGreen OA [insert the length of embargo if any] / Green OA [insert the amount of processing charges in EUR if any]
Article in journalEffect of the Electron Transport Layer on the Interfacial Energy Barriers and Lifetime of R2R Printed Organic Solar Cell Moduleshttps://doi.org/10.1021/acsaem.8b01040Marja Vilkman et al.VTTACS Applied Energy Materials1 (11), 201820185977-5985YESYESYes - Green OA
Article in journalLate-Stage Customization in Volume Production of Organic Photovoltaicshttps://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acsaelm.9b00826Sri Vishnu Subramaniam et al.OPVIUSACS Applied Electronic Materials2 (3), 20202020756-762YESYESNO
Publication in conference proceeding/workshopRaman Spectroscopy as a possible In-Line Inspection Tool for CIGS solar cells in Comparison with Photoluminescence MeasurementsCTR37th EU PVSECSeptember 20202020

6.2 Dissemination and communication activities

Type of dissemination and communication activitiesTitleLeading partnerPlaceDateCostType of audinace reachedEstimated Number of persons reached
Participation to a conferenceTalk in LOPEC 2019VTTMünchen, Germany2019-03-20500,00 € Scientific Community (higher education, Research), Industry, General Public, Medias, Investors, Customers250
Web-siteOLED-SOLARLeitathttps://projects.leitat.org/oled-solar/2018-09-010,00 € Scientific Community (higher education, Research)145
Non-scientific and non-peer reviewed publications (popularised
MONITORING INNOVATION: Optical systems to support the production of surfaces with advanced functionalitiesIRISEuropean Coatings Jounral2019-06-150,00 €Industry1000
Participation to a conferenceTalk in LOPEC 2019OPVIUSMünchen, Germany2019-03-20650,00 € Scientific Community (higher education, Research), Industry, General Public, Medias, Investors, Customers250
Participation to a conferenceTalk in OIE 2019VTTEspoo, Finland & Tallinn, Estonia2019-08-26/30300,00 € Scientific Community (higher education, Research)100
Participation to a conferenceTalk in Organic and Biodgradable Electronics seminar, RSC Local SectionVTTTurku, Finland2019-10-25100,00 € Scientific Community (higher education, Research)50
Participation to a conferenceTalk in pro flex 2019OPVIUSDresden, Germany2019-11-06100,00 €Industry100
Participation to a workshopTalk in PRINSE'20OPVIUSOulu, Finland2020-01-29 - 2020-02-011 000,00 €Industry300
Participation to a workshopTalk in PRINSE'20CoatemaOulu, Finland2020-01-291 000,00 €Industry300
Participation to a seminarIndustry 4.0: why machine learning matters?BULMarina Bay Sands, Singapore2019-12-02 _ 2019-12-05Industry
Communication campaign (e.g. radio)The just started OLEDSOLAR project aims to speed up PV & OLED productionVTT & OPVIUSSo OPVIUS magazine2018-11Customers300
TrainingOLEDSOLAR cases as examples in a lecture for studentsVTTCourse "Functional Soft Materials" at Aalto University, Finland2020-090,00 € Scientific Community (higher education, Research)30
Participation to a conferencePoster Presentation "Inline-Prozessüberwachung von Dünnschichtsolarzellen mittels Photolumineszenz-Bildgebung und Raman-Spektroskopie" at PV Austria ConferenceCTRVienna (online)2020-12-02150,00 €Industry100
3 650,00 €